Our goal is to worship in Spirit and in Truth-that is, Hebraically, as defined in scripture and interpreted over the millennia. Therefore our pattern of worship includes such items as:

Worship Style

Our worship style is both traditional and contemporary, for Messianic Music, is anything that worships and exalts Messiah, and not necessarily a certain genre or style of music. We worship in Spirit & Truth, through dance and song, banners and timbrels. (Psalms 150)
  • Biblical holidays.
  • Sabbath (Friday sundown to Saturday sundown) as our worship day.
  • Banners (Psalms 20:5, 60:4).
  • Dance (Psalms 149:3, Jeremiah 31:13 ).
  • Reading or singing of scripture (Nehemiah 8:8), including honoring the Torah scroll in procession around the sanctuary (Revelation 1:12-13).
  • Written prayers from the prayer book, the Siddur, of our people, modified as necessary (Acts 6:4 literally, ”The prayers,” also Acts 3:1).
  • Wearing tzit tzit (the ‘fringes’) Numbers 15:38-40, as a garment of praise”.
  • Wearing of the kippah (head covering, which takes its scriptural precedent from (Exodus 28:1-4), for the priest or the one in leadership, as a symbol of humility before YHVH. It is not commanded for the men who are not acting in a priestly position, yet may be worn voluntarily, symbolizing that they are the priests of their home.
  • Hebrew in the prose and poetry.
  • Reverence for the place and time of worship.



We believe in the use of Biblical symbols as instructed by YHVH: