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A biblical-based retelling of the story of Passover. True to the scripture, without the addition of man-made traditions. With the only exception being that we omit where it states that the Pesach is not here. We believe we are to still eat of the lamb, as nowhere in Scripture does it command us not to eat it anymore. Yhvh, has chosen to tabernacle with us, therefore we do not need a Tabernacle or Temple present in order for us to keep His Feasts.
Can there be a meaningful remembrance of the Passover without seder plates and afikomen? Is the Word of God sufficient to bring the Passover to life in the hearts and minds of our children? Find out in this Scriptural journey memorializing the Feast of freedom and faithfulness-a celebration of the Lamb, by whose sacrifice we are redeemed.Behold! The Messiah Yeshua… our Pesach!

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