Jews around the World who met the Jewish Messiah

Dozens of video testimonies. These are Messianic Jews – Jewish people who believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is the promised Messiah of Israel. In fact, we commonly refer to Jesus as Yeshua, which is Hebrew for “God saves”.
We hope this does not surprise you but rather makes you curious. As Jewish people, most of us grow up without considering whether or not Yeshua is the Messiah expected by our people for millennia.  Yet, something happened in our lives that changed each of us and caused us to rethink the usual Jewish views about Jesus. Usually, it was a series of events and ultimately the prophecies in the Tenach – the Old Testament that caused our “Storytellers” to become followers of Yeshua.
In fact, most of our people do not realize that Yeshua was born a Jew, the first believers of Yeshua were all Jews and the first messianic communities were all Jewish…they were Israelis just like me! As Messianic Jews we observe the Jewish holidays and support the state of Israel. We are Jews in every way and yet believe that the Messiah has come and His name is Yeshua.

You might not be aware of it, but throughout the world, there are many large communities of Jewish believers in Yeshua (estimation in the hundred’s of thousands). In Israel, there are many communities and home fellowships of Messianic Jews.

We believe that if you were born a Jew, you are a Jew, period!.. and believing in Yeshua not only does not change this but rather, as you will see and hear, fulfills all we ever hoped for as Jewish men and women! We affirm the statement, “If you are born a Jew, you will die a Jew”.

The “Storytellers” will invite you into their lives and you will see for yourself, through their eyes and experiences, why they decided to become followers of Yeshua and the profound impact this had on each of them as individuals.  You will smile, laugh and at times be moved to tears by these compelling stories.

We hope you will watch with an open mind and allow the Holy One of Israel to speak to your heart. Enjoying a personal relationship with God through the Messiah is the greatest joy of our lives and we pray that this will be true for you as well.  Who knows, you might begin with curiosity and conclude with faith. We offer these stories to you and hope that your relationship with God will deepen through meeting our Storytellers!

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Any links or videos posted on our website, are for reference purposes only,
and does not necessarily promote or condone any website, ministry or their views.