ALL of our MOEDIM Dates are celebrated according to the BIBLICAL NEW MOON / ROSH CHODESH (the dark covered moon and not the crescent moon). The Biblical Calendar is a LUNI-SOLAR CALENDAR and not a Lunar Calendar; with DAYS and FEASTS beginning at SUNDOWN and with the first month of the Year starting in AVIV (NISSAN) and not in TISHREI according to the Babylonian calendar. Our Rosh Chodesh Dates and Times reflect our local area times. Please check your Local Times for Lunation and Sundown Times or Jerusalem Times, if you prefer. Our Moedim & Feast Dates, reflect our Local Area dates; please check Jerusalem dates and times if you prefer.
DISCLAIMER: Feast Dates are subject to change. If there is an early Aviv, Feast Dates will be moved One Month Earlier!