Covid-19 Updates: Thursday May 21, 2020

Thursday May 21, 2020 Update:
A word on reopening…
First of all, we have only closed our physical doors for meeting at a physical location. We however as a congregation remain “OPEN“. Whether we meet in person or online, we are still congregating and convocating before Yehovah, united in Spirit and in Truth. We must remember that the Congregation is not a building or a place, it is the Body of Messiah united in spirit and truth. In today’s world we have the ability to do so online, through video, audio and even phone. We have done our best to make our meetings accessible to those with or without a computer, and with or without a smart phone. While we understand this might seem too troublesome or a hassle for some, we must also remember that we are living in troublesome times and we will need to adapt in these last days to whatever measures the Spirit leads us. We understand that many of you are eager for us to reopen at a physical location, however we must do what we feel is right in our spirits. We are not acting in fear or lack of faith, yet are practicing the biblical practice of “separation” or quarantine in times of illness or contagions. Scripture also reminds us to act in wisdom.
While some congregations are choosing to reopen with social distancing guidelines, we however feel that it is too soon to reopen, as Alabama’s Covid-19 cases continue to go up. When we begin to see the numbers go down, then we will re-evaluate when and how we will reopen.
We will continue to heed the advise of wise counsel of our medical community both in our communities and within our congregation. We will continue to be closed for the time being and continue to gather together ONLINE through Zoom. Our schedule for both Saturday services and Tuesday Night Bible Study remain the same, and any Rosh Chodesh or Feast Dates remain the same, with the exception that we will be holding the Feast Celebrations ONLINE within the home setting for the time being, until any further notice.