Atoned For

Yom Kippur, better known as the Day of the Coverings, is the time when we remember Yeshua being our final sacrifice, as he gave up His precious Life for us, to atone for our sin and punishment. What a Blessing it is to know that we know longer have to lay our sins symbolically before a bull or scapegoat for our sin which would have ultimately lead to death. Yet Yeshua selflessly took our filth and destruction upon Himself, in order that we might live and be redeemed. Yet, this free gift of atonement is so taken lightly and ungratefully by many. May we strive to live lives worthy to have received this eternal gift of life and freedom from the Law of sin & death.
So in every way He had to be made like His brothers, in order to become a compassionate and trustworthy High Priest in matters related to Elohim, to make atonement for the sins of the people.

Hebrews 2:17

We must examine our hearts every day and ask ourselves, “are we truly living out Yeshua’s Will? Are we honoring Him with our Lips, our Ears, our Hands, our Eyes, our Bodies, our Families, our Jobs, our Finances, our Possessions, our Time, our abilities and Talents? Are we striving to keep His Temple, our Bodies, clean and healthy for His glory and honor? Are we remembering to practice the Fruits of the Spirit every day and every minute of the day? Are we remembering to be quick to repent and turn away from our sin, to be quick to forgive and forget?

See, this is True Worship, that we might Worship Him with ALL our being according to Romans 12:1-2
So ask yourself now, are you truly atoned for?

By Virginia Hawkins