Coronavirus: Covid-19 Update!

To keep the congregants of Beth Ohr Messianic safe, we have decided to cancel all services on-site until further notice. You can still join us for live services Online.


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Torah Tuesdays 
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Worship Service 
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We are a Messianic Congregation

Messianic Judaism in its simplest form is the Faith of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Yeshua (Jesus) never came to create a new religion, rather to re-establish and confirm the Faith and Covenant given to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Yehovah’s people and to make way for those who would be grafted in as His own as well. We strive our best only to be guided by Biblical Truths and not Rabbinical insight. LEARN MORE


To be a light to the World

Our vision is to see Jewish people come to recognize their Jewish Messiah; to see Christians come and discover the Hebraic roots of the faith and to see all Nations and Peoples be able to worship as YHVH intended.
Our goal is to see Jew and Gentiles come together as One Body to worship YHVH. We want to raise up mature disciples in YHVH, whom will then in turn venture out and disciple others around them.
We are committed to making Yeshua the Master of our lives; to worship in Spirit and truth; praying together; making disciples; to love and serve one another; walking together; proclaiming The Good News; and serving others.


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