We are a Torah-Observant, multi-cultural and diverse congregation. We come together to worship as One Body, for through Messiah Yeshua, there is no distinction between Jew and Gentile. We strive to live “Biblically Messianic” lifestyles, shadowing our Messiah Yeshua.  We DO NOT adhere to nor teach the Talmud, rabbinical traditions, or the traditions of men. We stand on the Word of God alone as our guide, forsaking ALL Other extra-biblical texts. Don’t live nearby? Make the long drive like so many others do, just to be part of a genuine biblical community. Whether you are Jewish, a Christian or neither, you are welcome to visit.
Saturdays 10:30 AM. CST
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The Creator’s Appointed Times

September 14-15
Service Thurs. 9/14
6:45 PM. CST
September 23-24
Service Sat. 9/23
6:15 PM. CST
Sept 28 – Oct 6
Service Thur. 9/28
6:15 PM. CST

Our Mission

To be a light to the World

Our vision is to see Jewish people come to recognize their Jewish Messiah; to see Christians come and discover the Hebraic roots of the faith and to see all Nations and Peoples be able to worship as YHVH intended.
Our goal is to see Jew and Gentiles come together as One Body to worship YHVH. We want to raise up mature disciples in YHVH, whom will then in turn venture out and disciple others around them.
We are committed to making Yeshua Master of our lives; to worship in Spirit and truth; praying together; making disciples; to love and serve one another; walking together; proclaiming The Good News; and serving others.
We are a Torah-Observant Messianic Congregation

What is Messianic Judaism?

Messianic Judaism is one of the most misunderstood sects of Christianity and Judaism.
We are not another denomination of Christianity, rather the Christianity of the New Covenant Scriptures
and the Judaism which was foretold in the Tanach (the Hebrew Scriptures).

The Truth: Reformation 2.0

For 2,000 years, Christians taught that trying to keep the laws of the Old Testament is at worst, a blasphemous attempt to earn one’s salvation and at best, a misguided pursuit meant for Jewish people alone. Thanks to our fortunate involvement in the New Covenant, we don’t need to concern ourselves with now-symbolic food laws or the shadow-picture feasts of Leviticus 23 … or do we?

What if those laws are essential to the New Covenant and tied to the very purpose of life? What if they reveal more of Jesus’s example for us to follow? And what if the law of God is a perfect reflection of who He is, allowing us to know Him in a deeper way than ever before?


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