Give Online, whether through a one-time donation or through an ongoing commitment,
your support of Beth Ohr Messianic, helps to spread The Good News of Yeshua to both the Jew and Gentile,
both in our community and abroad.
You’re welcome to Drop-In your Tithes or Offerings Before or After Service in the Drop Box.
You also have the option of:
  1. Giving Online.
  2. Giving through our App.
  3. Text-to-Give. Text “AMOUNT” to 84321 to Give.
  4. Mail-In your Check
  5. Bank Transfers.


Use our secure site to make one-time or recurring donations by account transfer or debit card payment.


Checks may be Mailed-In or arranged through Electronic Bill Pay to be sent to:
Beth Ohr Messianic Congregation
P. O. Box 187
Salem, AL 36874
Text “AMOUNT” to 84321 to give.
STOP” – This will immediately deactivate Text-to-Give. You can enroll again later.
REFUND” within 30 minutes of donating, if you submitted the wrong amount.
HELP” – This will prompt a response message back to the sender. If you are a Text-to-Give donor you’ll get a link to a help page. This help page will show you helpful information about Text-to-Give and show the list of active funds.
Thank You and Many Blessings!
Father may this offering be a pleasing aroma before You and may You bless the giver according to Your will and rebuke the devour in their life. In Yeshua’s name, Amein!