In this week’s Torah Portion, the Levitical Dietary laws are covered. Do the Dietary Laws of Clean and Unclean Animals still apply to us today? Didn’t Peter vision tell us that we could eat anything and that we should not call anything unclean?   In this video from 119 Ministries, we’ll discover the true meaning of Acts 10 and Peter’s Vision. Acts 10: Peter’s Vision (Transcript) I remember speaking to a Sunday school teacherRead More
Following Passover is the Feast of Unleavened Bread, a Seven day feast during which nothing is eaten that contains leaven. This is a commemoration of the Exodus when the Israelites left Egypt, leaving in a hurry without enough time to wait for their bread to rise. During the Feast of Unleavened Bread there is always a Shabbat (the weekly 7th day Sabbath). The day after the Sabbath we are told to bring the “First Fruits”Read More
  As Passover heads are way, we are all getting ready and gathering our supplies and hopefully loading up on Matzah. But there are so many Matzahs to choose from nowadays… So which one should we be using for Passover? And which one did they use in the Biblical days? Here’s some interesting facts from In a Coconut-Shell, a Long Brief Discussion What is Matza?   Matza, just like bread, is a food thatRead More
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